Omega Morgan Machinery Moving team semi truck delivering transformer at Vashon Island Substation

Every electric company works with transformers that regulate the larger grid. When the equipment becomes outdated, replacement is a major task. When Puget Sound Energy needed a lift, our machinery moving team out of Seattle was glad to help.

The substation into which the transformers needed to fit presented significant challenges. The old units had to be removed from soft ground, while a steep grade and live overhead power lines combined with limited space to make maneuverability difficult. Only careful planning would make it possible to accomplish the job to full satisfaction.

Our crew was up to the task. After receiving the request, Omega Morgan visited the site for a first inspection. It turned out that the substation had soft ground. Because of this, any first step had to include building a solid surface that allowed for heavy equipment to operate in the area without problems.

Inserting multiple steel road plates allowed us to drive our hard-tired equipment on site and move them around without problems. Considering the fact that the team needed 50T slide gear along with a 75T tri-lifter and 12K reach forklift, that gave us the advantage we needed to get the project done.

As required, we moved the two old transformers along with their accessories out of the way. That enabled us to move in two new transformers along with an impact house. In total, Omega Morgan moved almost 160,000 pounds of heavy machinery for Puget Sound Energy.
In the end, we were able to complete the project without any damages or injuries. The site is now able to use its new equipment to full capacity. On-time and on-spec completion, including the ability to react to short notices within the project timeframe, made for a happy customer who we’ll be happy to partner with again in the future.

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