A fully-dressed transformer for Portland General Electric loaded onto a 6-1 line self-propelled modular trailer in Portland, Oregon
Omega Morgan’s heavy lift and rigging crews and machinery moving specialists were called upon to relocate a transformer for Portland General Electric (PGE) at a substation in northwest Portland. Our Portland-based crews were asked to assist the energy provider so they could complete the work of upgrading the transformer’s transmission line and pour a new foundation pad to house the transformer when the work was completed.

The transformer weighed approximately 156,000 pounds and it was left fully dressed–meaning both the radiators and bushings remained attached to the transformer. This was advantageous since it would reduce the amount of time and labor ultimately needed to move the transformer. However, it also presented a challenge: the transformer would be wide, tall and heavy to move.

Adding to the challenge were a few tricky spots of terrain that needed to be bridged in order to move the transformer back to where it needed to be. In the end, our crews did a fantastic job getting the transformer safely relocated to its new foundation.

We’re happy to have the opportunity to support PGE as they continue their work on a 5-year project to upgrade the energy grid and provide reliable service to their customers in the Portland area.

You can read more details about the project in our latest case study.