Trailer holding cylindrical vessel at chemical plant in dark early morning
Omega Morgan is known for their ability to coordinate the activities of various teams to complete the most challenging transportation and rigging projects efficiently. Recently the Portland office organized the efforts of their Heavy Lift & Rigging and Crane Division to perform a heavy lift and rigging project involving a 172,000-pound vessel.

Omega Morgan’s customer needed the vessel moved from the Port of Longview to a chemical plant in Longview, WA. This project required the vessel to be transferred to the plant and set in place on a 12 foot-high pedestal upon arrival at its final destination. The vessels weight and height made transportation extremely difficult while lifting and placement required precision crane work.

To execute the project efficiently, Omega Morgan first configured a 100-ton dual lane trailer to a width of 18 feet, 6 inches, allowing them to account for and reduce the height of the vessel. With the trailer adequately configured, the Port of Longview directly discharged the cargo straight from the ship to the trailer.

The Crane Division positioned their LTM 1400 Crane at the chemical plant during transportation along Industrial Way and was ready to pick the vessel immediately upon arrival. At the site, the crane crew jumped into action making the vessel ready for the pick. The cargo was then lifted and placed on its 12 foot high pedestal precisely and with no issues.

Transport and lifting for the project required the teamwork and interplay of two of Omega Morgan’s divisions to complete the project on time and satisfy the customer. The coordinated efforts of the two divisions showcased the ability of Omega Morgan to maximize their potential and leverage their experience and expertise.

This project highlights Omega Morgan’s capability to integrate services when providing solutions for customer projects. #DoingTheImpossibleDaily is made possible by our combination of services and the experience of our teams. #WeGotThis

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