Omega Morgan 200-ton crane moving 9,000-pound awning frame into place..

When a local construction company in Tigard, OR, planned the remodel of their entryway to improve ADA accessibility, they needed an expert crane services company to install a 9,000-pound awning across the front of the building at a 7-degree angle. With only the basic design of the awning to go off of, our crane service team was able to prepare for the heavy-lift knowing the final solution would be engineered day-of.


During the two-month period of the awning’s fabrication, our crane services team reviewed the specs and schematics to determine the crew and crane requirements for the installation. The awning’s sheer size — 75 feet long by 16 feet wide — presented a challenge, along with the necessity to hold the structure at a precise angle while our client’s team of welders attached it to the building. With these challenges in mind, Omega Morgan’s crane services crew headed into installation day ready to develop a solution.


When our 200-ton crane and crane services crew arrived on the job site, they were met by our client’s team, and the massive awning was ready for installation. Our riggers and oilers quickly determined that because of its unique construction, the awning would need to be lifted completely flat before being tilted and held against the building. After testing several options, the crane team developed a world-class solution involving an eight-point lift, which protected the structure and allowed the component to remain flat. Omega Morgan’s team completed the unique lift before holding the awning steady as the welders attached it to the building. Our client was impressed with our ability to overcome the challenges presented to develop an effective on-the-fly solution.

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