The reflection of Omega Morgan’s 10-line platform trailer hauling a transformer is seen in nearby water.

An international logistics company serving a substation in Albany, OR, had one objective: successfully deliver one 474,500-pound transformer from overseas to its pad before the winter holidays. For a transformer of this size, with multiple OTR steps along the journey from port to pad, the company knew it needed specialized transportation from a reliable, safety-first team—enter Omega Morgan’s Portland crew.


The transformer, measuring 36′ 4” long, 13’ wide, and 15’7” high, would arrive at the Port of Portland by ship, and the logistics company had organized a nearby railcar transfer to Albany. Responsible for hauling the transformer from ship to railcar, and from railcar to substation pad, our specialized transportation team began planning the multi-step solution.

Between applying for the necessary oversize permit and coordinating with the rail spur, Team Green was ready to receive the transformer when it began its overseas voyage. We continuously tracked the shipment and followed up with the port to ensure quick action when the transformer arrived.


When the transformer arrived at the Port’s Terminal 6, our four-person crew headed out. Using our jack and slide gear, 12k reach forklift, and six-line SPMT, our team loaded the transformer and moved it to the waiting railcar pulled by our 2002 Peterbilt Tri Drive tractor. The following day, we lashed the transformer in place on the railcar, and it began its ride to Albany.

On December 20, our team received word that the rail car had been spotted at the spur. After removing the lashing, we transferred the transformer onto OM’s 10-line platform trailer via jack and slide. Over the next three days—and coming in right before the holiday—Omega Morgan’s specialized transportation team hauled the transformer to its substation pad, placed the component, and headed back to Portland.

Our crews exhibited the safety, timeliness, and professionalism Omega Morgan is known for. The substation had its spare transformer ready to leave at a moment’s notice if needed, and our client couldn’t be more pleased with the result.

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