The Hell's Canyon Dam between Idaho and Washington
Omega Morgan’s specialized transportation team completed another successful project, this time for an electrical power utility company. As part of our company’s ongoing expansion–including the opening of our Boise office and availability to serve customers in the Mountain States–this time our work brought us to the Idaho – Oregon Border.

In order to continue a few renovations and upgrades to the Hells Canyon Dam, our customer needed to relocate a 60,000 pound 28-foot by 21-foot fish trap off the dam’s deck. The dimensions of the trap would make a move of this nature rather complicated. However, our crew had just the right expertise and equipment for the job.


The move would be complex for a few reasons: first, the dimensions of the trap. The load was particularly wide and required road closures to complete safely. Also, at 60,000 pounds and with a high center of gravity, our crews had to be very careful to keep the cargo level so that nothing tipped during transport.

To accomplish the move, our crew brought in a helpful bit of tech: our hydraulic platform trailer. This trailer is able to be remotely steered and remotely leveled (from side to side and from front to back). Our crew was able to keep the trap level and stable as we navigated many tight corners and turns.


All in all, the project was a complete success. Our crews were able to load, transport, and offload the fish trap all in one day. The customer was very satisfied with the work done by the Specialized Transportation team, and were able to continue their renovations on pace and on schedule.

We’re glad to have had the opportunity to help with this project, and to have delivered another job well done for one of our valued customers.