Omega Morgan’s specialized transportation crew received our 299,829-pound transformer from a shipping vessel onto a trailer.

The specialized transportation division at Omega Morgan’s Portland location offloaded and transported six transformers from the Port of Portland to Umatilla and Arlington, OR. This project—completed for a leading power provider in the region—presented logistical challenges and required our team to remain flexible and quick-thinking.

The first complexity of this project was coordinating time with the Port’s stevedores. The stevedores were required to be present before our specialized transportation crews could begin work, so it was essential that we coordinated schedules. The next challenge was obtaining a number of permits. We needed six super-load permits—one for each transformer—as well as numerous single-trip permits for the various trips our truck had to make going back and forth from the Port. Our crews were able to quickly execute this task and the project got underway.


From the start, our crews put safety first while expertly landing the 299,829-pound transformers one-by-one off the shipping vessel onto our 6-line SPMT trailer. They then transported the units to another location within the Port and offloaded them onto crane mats while our crews waited for the owner to determine each unit’s final destination. This process was repeated for all six transformers.


Once the destinations were decided, our crews loaded the transformers one at a time onto our trailer. Our crews were only permitted to transport at night, so for a series of days, they arrived at the loading site, loaded up the trailer, then transported the unit through the night. They did this six times, delivering the first four transformers to substations in Umatilla and the others to Arlington Yard, where they will be stored until ultimately being moved to substations.


The Omega Morgan specialized transportation crew showed fortitude in moving an unprecedented number of transformers from a single vessel. They also demonstrated an ability to problem solve by quickly developing solutions to adapt to changing circumstances and logistical challenges. 

Ultimately, the project was a success, and set up the expansion of the power provider’s reach in eastern Oregon, allowing them to better serve the region.

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