Crane lifts turbine runner on to Omega Morgan transport trailerOmega Morgan’s Canada-based specialized transportation crews faced one of their biggest challenges yet: transporting two massive turbine runners up to a remote region of British Columbia for a historic hydroelectric infrastructure project. These runners — the components of the dam that are responsible for using the force of water to drive a generator — would total nearly 770,000 pounds each when combined with our equipment.


This was not a straightforward nor easy task: the roads our crews needed to take to reach the site near Fort St. John were simply not built for a load of this size or scale. A nearly two-year long planning and permitting process had to take into account numerous factors and contingencies, including terrain, weather, rigorous measurements, extremely precise timing, and most importantly, reducing the impact on local communities as much as possible.


We’re happy to report that two of the six planned turbine runners have made it to their destination safely, and that our client is more than pleased with the work of our skilled and experienced team. We’re turning our focus to next winter, when we will transport the next of the loads. The Omega Morgan crew is also proud to be part of such an historic and remarkable clean energy project.

Stay tuned for more details about this exciting and ongoing project, and read all about the incredible work completed so far in our latest case study.