Omega Morgan prepares to move a 240,000 lb autoclave to its new home in Washington.

When a pressure-treated wood manufacturing company needed to move a massive autoclave from Sandy, OR to Arlington, WA, they knew exactly who to call: Omega Morgan’s specialized transportation services team. Our Portland and Seattle-based specialized transportation, machinery moving, and crane teams stepped up to the task of loading and hauling this new piece of equipment for our customer. 


Two months before the move was set to be executed, the autoclave’s initial weight estimation of 150,000 lbs changed to a 240,000 lb, 146-feet long piece of equipment. This big change in weight required our crews to go back to their carefully-designed plans and ensure a workable, safe transportation configuration, and to ensure proper loading and unloading of the piece. After a permitting delay, our teams got into action as soon as the permits were approved and issued to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of the autoclave to its new home in Arlington, WA. 


Through tight fits and tight turns, our expert team of specialized transportation professionals got the autoclave transported safely and soundly. Our customer was more than pleased with our team’s innovative approach and adaptability to challenges. 

To read more about this project—including our use of a dolly walker system for loading—read our latest case study.