A transformer being loaded onto an Omega Morgan High Frame specialized transportation trailer.

Omega Morgan has had the opportunity to work with fantastic customers across many regions in North America. This time, our specialized transportation crews worked with a rail and rigging company — with locations in Houston, Texas — to transport a transformer from Mexico to a substation in Anaconda, Montana.

However, the job wouldn’t be an easy one: with the height of the load, there would be no way to get the transformer underneath an overpass along the route. Our customer called on our expert specialized transportation services to assist with this complex situation.


The only option to move the transformer safely would be to “wrong-way” the onramps of two different interstate highways. This was a feat that took not only careful planning, but combined effort between our crews, the State of Montana, traffic control, and the state police to execute properly. Months of planning proceeded this move; everyone had the safety of the motoring public and our crews as the utmost priority.


The transformer made it to Anaconda without a hitch, and our customer is very pleased with the results. We’re proud our team was able to provide the expertise and ability needed to complete a job with these complexities.

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