Image of a Gold Highwire safety award badge for 2023

HILLSBORO, ORE; Omega Morgan, the Pacific Northwest’s largest provider of heavy equipment moving and industrial services, has recently received the 2023 Gold Safety Award from Highwire, a cloud-based mobile platform that empowers clients to make smarter risk management decisions.

Highwire’s Safety Assessment Program reviews a company’s historic safety performance and current safety management systems. The results provide a strong indicator of how a vendor or contractor values safety and a reliable predictor of future performance.
“Omega Morgan is proud to have Highwire’s Gold Safety Award for the second year in a row,” said Jim Jones, Deputy Director of Health and Safety at Omega Morgan. “Our entire team –-from field employees to our executive team–-is committed first and foremost to a culture of safety, and the continuous improvement of our safety program.”

Mr. Jones continued: “As a company, we are constantly auditing and evaluating our processes, asking the right questions, and ensuring we get feedback from the front lines. We are proud of our culture of strength and trust, where empowerment and accountability are key factors to our success. Omega Morgan shall continue to remain nimble and responsive to the ever-evolving safety needs of our customers and employees.”