Omega Morgan's Erik Zander accepts the 2019 Supply Chain Award from Bechtel

Omega Morgan, known for its ability to solve complex equipment moving problems, was recognized as a top subcontractor at the Bechtel Annual Supply Chain Awards. Bechtel is an engineering, construction and project management partner to industry and government.

The awards honor exceptional work on projects for Bechtel’s global business unit [GBU] and companies were evaluated on multiple factors, including overall performance, ability to deliver quality services/supplies on time, ability to work collaboratively to meet milestones, and meeting or exceeding project expectations in aspects of safety, performance, technical expertise, and environmental compliance.

Omega Morgan was honored for its work with Bechtel at the Harford Waste Treatment Plant in southeastern Washington state.

The Harford Waste Treatment Plant Project

The U.S. Department of Energy commissioned Bechtel to design and construct the world’s largest radioactive waste treatment plant. The plant seeks to immobilize some 56 million gallons of liquid and semisolid nuclear and chemical waste, which is a legacy of World War II and Cold War nuclear weapons production. The waste has been stored in 177 aging underground tanks, some dating to World War II, when the site was established as part of the Manhattan Project. More than 60 of the tanks have leaked an estimated one million gallons of waste, threatening the Columbia River, surrounding communities, and residents downstream in the U.S. Pacific Northwest.

The Department of Energy called the WTP Project “a feat of engineering and construction at an unprecedented level. It is the largest undertaking of its kind and one of DOE’s most technically challenging clean-up projects. The WTP Project is equivalent to building two nuclear power plants and is being accomplished at a time when a new nuclear facility has not been built in the U.S. for decades.”

Bechtel partnered with Omega Morgan to provide engineered transportation and rigging services to deliver components to the site.

“It was an honor to contribute to such a meaningful project with Bechtel,” said Erik Zander, Director of Sales, Omega Morgan. “In addition to having the opportunity to collaborate with such a highly-regarded firm, Omega Morgan was pleased to take part in work that will protect the Columbia River and surrounding communities.”

“Omega Morgan has been a vital partner to Bechtel, working with us to achieve outstanding results for our customers,” said Al Hankins, Corporate Manager Procurement & Contracts. “The performance of key suppliers continues to be critical to delivering superior service to our customers and advancing innovation for the industry.”

Omega Morgan has received numerous other industry awards, including the SC&RA Rigging and Hauling Job of the Year awards. This is the first year it has been recognized by Bechtel for their work.

About Omega Morgan

Omega Morgan has a passion for helping industry grow. Using a mix of technical expertise, project management, engineering, and good old-fashioned American know-how, Omega Morgan is the trusted, reliable partner that safeguards customers’ equipment and employees.

Omega Morgan offers specialized transportation, heavy rigging, machinery moving, crane services and millwrighting, along with new storage solutions.

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