Prototype turbine is shorter in height, weighs far less than standard size

PORTLAND, Ore.—June 1, 2012 — Omega Morgan (, one of the West Coast’s leading heavy equipment transport companies, offered free moving and installation services today for a prototype smaller, lighter, gearless wind turbine and four towers from the Portland area to the Port of Arlington (Oregon.)

Harry Lee, developer of the new product and Genesis Wind Inc.’s CEO, said his turbine is a prototype for linear, reciprocating direct-drive technology, a brand new development in the world of wind power. The gearless turbine is valuable to future customers because turbine gears typically wear out quickly, causing great expense and downtime problems, Lee noted. It also is 100 feet shorter than the average 300-foot-tall tower and will weigh 35,000 pounds versus 85,000 pounds for the typical wind turbine and tower.

The turbine, which is scalable to 1.5 megawatts of energy, is the first to be installed by Genesis at a pilot wind farm east of Portland.

Lee said. “I am so excited that this big idea is finally being launched.” He has been working on development of the 25 kilowatt wind turbine since 2009. In the near future, the scaled-down turbines will be used for businesses, government buildings, schools, and countless other places to reduce costs and provide a cleaner form of energy.

“This company has a great future. We want to support local start-ups like Genesis because new local companies mean new jobs in Oregon. Our crews are well suited for this effort and can efficiently pick up the turbine and four towers, move them to the site, and install them precisely as specified,” said John McCalla, CEO and president of Omega Morgan.

He said another Northwest company, Axis Crane, also volunteered its services to hoist the equipment onto two Omega Morgan trailers and to move them into place for the installation. United Rentals, Northwest Portland, donated free rental equipment for the project.

“This is the very first time in 10 years that I have received true, meaningful support for our project,” Lee said. “It means so much to me that these two great companies have stepped forward to help and I am truly grateful.”

Axis Crane has the equipment, resources, and staff to execute a wide variety of project responsibilities complementary to a project’s specific lifting requirements. Axis Crane’s involvement in a project from the outset decreases the potential for error while maximizing job efficiency and overall safety. For more information call Axis Crane in Portland at (800) 585-2947 or visit (

Genesis Wind, Inc. is a private company located on Southwest Corbett near downtown Portland. Since 2009 Harry Lee, the founder and CEO, has been developing a new generation of smaller, lighter and gearless wind turbines for future use in housing developments, for farms, schools, government buildings and businesses. He can be reached at 503-546-0464.

CONTACT: Molly Streuli for Omega Morgan,; 503-295-1918