map of idaho with a pin on Boise and the words hello boise above the omega morgan logo
Omega Morgan has recently opened a new location in Boise, Idaho, allowing the Pacific Northwest’s largest provider of heavy equipment moving and industrial services to expand its ability to serve customers across the western United States.

“Idaho is a fast-growing part of the country,” said Mark Shanholtzer, Vice President at Omega Morgan. “This new location in Boise will allow Omega Morgan to be more competitive as we continue to grow and expand eastward, and bring our exceptional turnkey services to a greater area of the country.”

The new location will also include a yard in Nampa, Idaho, and will provide customers with machinery moving, millwright, and specialized transportation services. With a presence in Idaho, Omega Morgan will now be able to provide heavy equipment moving and industrial services to customers in Utah, Wyoming, and Montana.

“It has been a very warm welcome so far, and we have already completed several jobs for customers in the area,” said Shanholtzer. “This is a wonderful place with very talented people, and we’re looking forward to what our team will be able to provide for the region.”

To inquire about projects in Boise, Idaho, please contact Omega Morgan.