An Omega Morgan Employee, Barry Receives the Director's Award for Safety.

On Tuesday, January 17, a client of Omega Morgan awarded Barry Johnson with the Directors’ Award for high achievement in Safety Leadership. The award—given by an Omega Morgan client—recognizes unwavering and fearless contributions to safety on the job.

On Friday, January 13, Mr. Johnson noticed a hazardous situation inside one of the components. He stopped the job—something every Omega Morgan employee is empowered to do—and brought it to the attention of necessary parties.

“Outstanding job going above and beyond the call of duty,” said Tom Walker, Vice President at Omega Morgan. “Catches like this are why we continue to be the top of our class in the industry.”

“[Barry’s] dedication to the safety and well-being of everyone around [him] is outstanding,” said Jim Jones, Director of Health and Safety at Omega Morgan. “Thank you for leading the way and representing Team Green.”

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