PORTLAND, Ore.—November 7, 2016 — Omega Morgan (www.omegamorgan.com) and Sarens, a recognized worldwide leader in heavy lifting and engineered transport, today announced the signing of their joint venture to provide crane services in the Pacific Northwest.

“For over two decades, we have provided superior heavy lift and rigging services within the Pacific Northwest. Adding cranes allows us to better meet our local customer’s needs by delivering full-spectrum, turnkey services,” said Greg Tansey, president and CEO of Omega Morgan. “Partnering with Sarens was a no-brainer. They are a recognized leader in the industry, particularly in nuclear and other energy markets, which means their level of professionalism, safety and engineering are unmatched.”

The joint venture leverages the combined 86 years of experience and resources of both Omega Morgan and Sarens. The joint venture, based out of Portland, Oregon, will operate as Omega Morgan Crane Services.

Through this strategic partnership, the joint venture will place dedicated crane assets in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. It then offers the ability to scale local capacity by tapping into Sarens’ inventory of more than 1,500 crane assets. “These assets are standing by and ready to deploy at a moment’s notice, from smaller 60-ton cranes to Sarens’ SGC‑120, which features a 3,473-ton lifting capacity,” adds Tansey.

“Sarens and Omega Morgan share the same core values which, no doubt, stem from starting as small, family-run businesses,” said Mike Hussey, Regional Direcetor for Sarens North America. “This new venture allows Sarens to grow our presence in the Pacific Northwest market with a partner firmly rooted in the region. Omega Morgan is trusted and respected in the industry and can bring our full fleet of assets to some of the most demanding and complex projects in the area.”

Customers, particularly those in the energy, civil construction, aerospace, marine and high-tech markets, will immediately benefit from the partnership by being able to rely on Omega Morgan Crane Services for turnkey solutions for any size project.

In addition to the reliable and responsive customer service and project management that Omega Morgan is known for, this venture also allows customers access to Sarens’ team of engineers who have a proven track record in state-of-the-art planning and engineering.

About Sarens
Sarens, a family owned company operating in 60 countries across the globe, has been providing heavy lift, engineered transport and specialized rigging services for over 60 years. With state of the art design tools and one of the world’s largest inventories of cranes, transporters, and specialty rigging equipment, along with a team of highly skilled professionals, Sarens is an international market leader in its field. Sarens’ fields of experience are mainly oil and gas production, on shore and off shore (wind) energy, petrochemical, mining and nuclear energy.

Employing more than 4,500 dedicated employees who embody the spirit of the company’s motto, “Nothing too heavy, Nothing too high”, Sarens is well prepared to support its customers’ heavy lift, engineered transport requirements around the globe and across every market sector.