Omega Morgan’s Industrial millwright team and their reach forklift framed by the rising sun.
When a major concrete and aggregate company in Scappoose, OR, decided to relocate their dredge dewatering system, they tasked Omega Morgan’s Portland-based millwright team with installing the massive concrete foundation. Given two weeks to plan the project and four to install it, our expert team of millwright professionals got to work on a strategy to complete the 500-cubic-yard structure.


After conducting a site survey to understand the project in more depth, our millwright team recognized that the large scale of the foundation — the second largest they had cast — would take careful planning and strategy. Pre-installation preparation also included creating wooden forms and obtaining the necessary 30,000 pounds of rebar.


Once the area had been excavated and backfilled, our crew of ten millwright technicians placed the pre-built form before adding rebar and filling it with over 500 cubic yards of concrete. Two separate pours allowed both the main pad and machine pedestals to receive focused attention during the pour, spread, and smoothing processes. Omega Morgan’s team completed the job on schedule and assisted our client with moving machinery components from the original location to the new foundation. Our client was very pleased with our pace, as well as our attention to detail during the installation.

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