Convoy weighing total of 870,000 pounds brings calls to media

PORTLAND, Ore.—May 14, 2013 — Omega Morgan, one of the Northwest’s leading providers of complex lifting, rigging and transport solutions, completed a transformer move in late April that created excitement among residents of Colorado communities as it moved along a 141-mile journey. That journey included going over a high mountain pass and then down a steep grade on the opposite side.

What astonished viewers was the 370-foot-long convoy that included Omega Morgan’s high-frame, dual-lane trailer that the crew calls “Sweet Pea.” One pull truck and three push trucks using 2,000 horsepower moved the 336,000-pound transformer to the Excel Energy substation in Poncha Springs, Colo. The entire weight of the transformer and the convoy was 870,000 pounds, the maximum width was 20 feet and its height was 17 feet.

“We have completed some pretty spectacular moves of all types of machines and equipment so sometimes we do get calls from people who are curious. This recent move got attention in Colorado, not only because of the size, but also because people were fascinated with the 170 tires on the ground moving all of our vehicles,” said John McCalla, Omega Morgan’s president and CEO.

Project Manager Pete Uhler said the biggest challenge along the way was transporting the giant transformer up the 9,700-foot Wolf Creek Pass and then cautiously moving it down the other side at a 6 percent grade. Uhler was asked: How was this accomplished? His response: “Very slowly and very carefully.”

The convoy, which started out April 29, delivered the transformer safely to the substation on April 30, 2013. McCalla praised the Omega Morgan team for successfully executing this challenging move. “Our company motto is ‘Doing the Impossible Daily,’ and this is an outstanding example of Omega Morgan people doing just that.”

CONTACT: Molly Streuli for Omega Morgan,; 503-295-1918