Three Omega Morgan Machinery Moving crew work on a 380,000lb transformer.
When our customer—a power generation station in Centralia, WA—experienced transformer failure right before the holidays, they knew who to call. Fortunately, the station had three inactive transformers onsite—especially as the other two active transformers were likely close to the end of their lifespans, as well. 

Omega Morgan’s Seattle machinery moving team jumped into action, knowing every second counted to avoid a power shortage. Since the transformers were already onsite, our team’s role involved swapping the three active units for three inactive ones in under two weeks.


With two days to plan, our team conducted a site visit immediately. This allowed us to visualize the move and see the transformers in person. Swapping this number of components and of this size—380,000 pounds each—presented a unique challenge for our team to solve. The plan in place, our crews arranged equipment delivery and prepared to execute. 


Omega Morgan’s crew of five, including one foreman, an SPMT operator, and three additional operators, prepared the first transformer move with our SPMT and jack and slide gear. After moving it 150 feet out of the way, the new transformer took its place. Over seven days, our team performed six operations with the six transformers until each had been swapped successfully. Finishing seven days ahead of schedule, our customer was thrilled with the speedy and safe result, the generation station back to full operation well ahead of the holiday season. 

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