Omega Morgan’s team preparing for heavy equipment moving.

Construction on a new mixed-use office building is underway in downtown Bellevue, Washington. The site’s design called for the installation of two large air handlers, and the location of one unit in a height-restricted garage eliminated the possibility of using the onsite crane for placement. Faced with these complexities and equipment requirements, the contractor looked to Omega Morgan’s Seattle machinery moving team for expert heavy lift services.

Omega Morgan offers a range of industrial services, including machinery moving and warehousing solutions, so we were pleased to offer our client a complete solution with installation services and storage of the air handlers prior to delivery. 


The first step involved receiving the air handlers at our Fife warehouse, where they remained in our secure storage facility until installation day. Continual site meetings allowed Omega Morgan’s machinery moving team to plan the heavy lift and placement in conjunction with onsite crane and safety teams. The main challenge to solve involved the height-restricted placement of the smaller air handler across a 10-foot void. 


When the scheduled installation day arrived, our crew and our 60-ton crane loaded the air handlers—one measuring 20’x8’x7’ and weighing 13,000 pounds, and the other measuring 24’x13’x11’ and weighing 15,000 pounds—onto trucks for transport to Bellevue. 

The onsite tower crane then placed the units onto pre-set platforms, in preparation for our tri-lifter. Starting with the larger component, the tri-lifter raised it 20 feet, where a waiting crew slid, jacked, and skated it into position. Then the team brought the smaller unit inside the height-restricted garage and utilized the tri-lifter’s full extension to manage an angled ramp and cross the 10-foot opening for placement on the other side. 

The crew’s skill and experience played an important role in the seamless execution of this complicated lift. Our client was impressed with OM’s ability to deliver a complete solution safely and efficiently.

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