The 2019 Northwest Machine Tool Expo, held on May 8 and 9 in Portland, Oregon, brought in vendors from Oregon, Vancouver, Seattle, and even the West Coast looking to sell their heavy tools to industry customers. It’s a landmark event for the industry, with multiple pieces being moved in the course of these two days.

Customers walking through the booths don’t always realize the work that goes on behind the scenes. This year, Omega Morgan’s machinery moving team helped 16 vendors move a total of 80 heavy machine tools, weighing anywhere between 500 and 35,000 pounds, into the Expo area to get ready for the event.

In total, four Omega Morgan crews helped vendors accomplish this complex task. Utilizing a total of six forklifts, two versa lifts, and three gear trailers, our crews picked and set the pieces of equipment exactly as required by each vendor to ensure they would fit within the overall booth design.

For a trade show like this one, the pieces to be moved are showpieces and require extra care. Even the smallest scratch might detract from the ability to sell the piece and cost the vendor significant revenue. Our expertise and experience in the field allowed us to navigate tight corners and set each of the 80 tools exactly as required and without any incident. Each tool was then wiped to ensure it looked just right for potential customers.

Setting up for the show was only the beginning. After the Expo was complete, the vendors needed unsold pieces moved back into their showrooms and clients needed their tools moved into the new locations. Our full-service operations allowed that process to happen smoothly, rounding out a positive experience for everyone involved at the expo – from organizers to vendors and customers.

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2 Omega Morgan Machinery Moving crews working side by side to simultaneously set two pieces of machinery at the Northwest Machine Tool Expo at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon