An Omega Morgan 2015 Kenworth C500 and 150-ton trailer loaded with a shunt reactor ready for transport at dusk
Omega Morgan’s Calgary-based transportation and logistics services crew was hired by a world-class third-party logistics company to transport a 213,000-pound shunt reactor to the Site C Clean Energy Project in British Columbia, Canada. The crews hauled the heavy load nearly 900 miles north from the Port of Tacoma to the hydroelectric generating station near Peace River, BC.

Transporting the reactor: moving at pace

Our crews used a 2015 Kenworth C500 as a pull tractor on the load, pulling with a 150-ton trailer. Additionally, the weight of the reactor required a push truck to ensure the load could continue moving at pace. Omega Morgan’s logistics department also coordinated the use of third-party trucks to transport all accompanying accessory loads for the reactor.

Coordinating crews and overcoming challenges

The soft ground at the site posed a challenge for unloading; in order to keep the reactor from sinking into the ground, additional measures needed to be taken to keep the load stable. Between this and the sheer number of other contractors working at the site, our transportation and logistics services crews had to execute careful planning and coordination across many different teams. We were committed to ensuring the reactor could be unloaded safely and with minimal disruption to the workflow across the whole of the site.

Our customer was very satisfied with the Omega Morgan team’s speed and efficiency on this project. It was a project with a unique set of challenges and circumstances, and our crew completed the move ahead of schedule by several days. As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to provide reliable and exemplary service to our clients in need of transportation and logistics services.

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