Sometimes, even routine projects are worth highlighting, especially when their changing scope leads to unexpected challenges. That was the case earlier this year, when our Calgary office worked with one of the largest oil and gas companies in North America to deliver two 100,000-pound compressors from California to a site in Northern BC.

Going into this project, our transportation and logistics services team knew that organization was key. The compressors were the centerpieces, but more than 25 shiploose pieces also needed delivered to Taylor, BC from various parts of the United States. Compared to what came next, that proved to be a minor challenge.

In the course of the planning stage, our team realized that the compressors to be transported were designed to be lifted by cranes to and from trailers to pad only. That was unexpected and could have turned into a problem, considering our client required that they be dropped inside an existing building without the possibility of crane lifting.

Fortunately, the transportation and logistics team at Omega Morgan was up for the job. Our engineering division designed a temporary trunnion saddle, which attached to the bottom of each compressor. This ‘shoe’ allowed the transportation team to safely offload the cargo from the transport trailer into a site trailer. From the site trailer, we were able to offload them to their permanent home inside the building as required.

Complexity is one kind of challenge, and adjusting on an ad-hoc basis is another. Combine both, and it can get tricky. Fortunately our teams were well prepared for the task, able to both plan exactly what components to deliver as well as finding a solution for the unexpected challenge of how to move the compressors off the trailer. That’s the reason why we’re the preferred transportation and logistics services partner of this and many other clients throughout North America.

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