An Omega Morgan transportation and logistics 150-ton trailer with torque tubes carries a transformer weighing over 300 thousand pounds through an area with tight tree cover.

When a damaged transformer threatened power outages for the community in Sherwood, OR, our Portland-based transportation and logistics services team was brought in to transport a 300,000-pound replacement transformer in under two weeks.



A new transformer was already en-route to a railway station in Cornelius, OR, previously intended for a storage facility in Hillsboro. Rerouting this transformer was our best option to replace the damaged component on time. However, our transportation and logistics team encountered a number of planning setbacks, including an unavailable rail spur, a weight-deficient bridge, and several nights of route testing before finding a viable transportation solution.



That solution involved our transportation and logistics services crew, dual lane perimeter deck trailer, a Kenworth C500 and Kenworth T800 to pull and push the trailer respectively, five support vehicles, one night, and the cooperation of the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT). When our logistics services team arrived at the substation in Sherwood, they seamlessly offloaded the transformer onto a temporary pad until the permanent pad was ready to receive it a few days later.

Working closely with our customer and the ODOT, we were able to turn a potential disaster into another successful move.

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