Linde Cold box being lifted and set by Omega Morgan crane services

Recently, Omega Morgan’s Portland office had the privilege to work with Linde, a campus close to our Hillsboro yard in Oregon. As two of our crane services teams worked with the client to complete a complex dual crane lift, we maximized our resources to once again showcase our expertise in crane-related projects.

Linde needed to transport and set a cold box that weighed almost 300,000 pounds at its facility. One crane wasn’t enough, but two cranes could get that job done – as long as they had the expertise and experience that our teams possess.

To make it happen, two of our crane crews worked together. We used a Terex/Demag CC2500 Crawler crane with a 550-ton lifting capacity and a 275-foot boom length for the top end, while a GMK 7450 Hydraulic truck crane provided additional support and power from the bottom. Our dual lane trailer brought the cold box onsite, and and both of our teams went to work.

A dual crane lift requires a complicated process. Both crane operators have to communicate constantly. The CC2500 Crawler attached to the top of the cold box to lift it, and the GMK 7450 attached to the base of the cold box to handle the tail rigging.

The skilled crane operators worked together to tilt the cold box upright and then move it carefully into place. Our crane lifting expertise came in handy, as both operators were able to complete their sides of the job without a hitch. Omega Morgan’s crane services crew was able to successfully move the cold box into the correct position.

We’re proud to be able to offer dual crane lifts to this extent. With careful planning, the right equipment, and skilled professionals, Omega Morgan is #doingtheimpossibledaily. One satisfied customer later, we’re ready for the next challenge.

Read the full Linde Cold Box Dual-Crane Lift and Set Case Study here.