Modern skyscraper construction often introduces complex structural designs that pose significant challenges for even the best construction teams. The 2+U project in downtown Seattle was certainly no exception, and that’s why Skanska turned to Omega Morgan’s Seattle team to execute a complex project that would utilize services from our Specialized Transportation and Rigging and Crane Service divisions.

The beautiful, downtown Seattle landmark under construction would be supported by 20 precast tapered columns, weighing between 69,000 to 165,000 Ibs each, with exterior finishes that could not be scuffed, dinged or damaged in any way. Omega Morgan’s job was to transport and set the columns.

Adding to the complexity, the downtown location surrounding the future skyscraper included many trees, trolley wires, powerlines, steep grades and underground vaults. In addition to the space constraints, busy roads, nearby landmarks and housing brought an additional set of logistical challenges, with noise variance and road closure restrictions. In all, the Omega Morgan crew pulled 39 various permits, ranging from noise variance to the removal of trolley wires.

To bring the columns onsite, the crew used over-the-road trucking and transloaded each column onto an SPMT using trilifters. From there, the SPMT brought each column into the skyscraper, where two cranes used a passing triangle to share the load in order to upright and set each column. With precision and attention to every detail, the 20 columns were set without any incidents, injuries, or lost time.

Through 358 engineering hours and over 1600 crew hours, Omega Morgan delivered exceptional service, and made the seemingly impossible happen. It’s yet another example of how Omega Morgan keeps on #doingtheimpossibledaily.

Read the full case study here.

Check out Omega Morgan’s video that tells the whole story of setting the columns here: