Omega Morgan crane team working on a bridge in Puyallup, Washington

During a multiyear rehabilitation project on the Veterans Bridge in Puyallup, WA, Omega Morgan’s Seattle crane services division was called upon to install four 88,000 pound concrete beams to reinforce the bridge. The Veterans Bridge provides access across the Puyallup River to approximately 10,000 vehicles per day and is essential infrastructure for the city and surrounding areas.


Due to the size and weight of the four precast concrete girders–nearly 70’ long each–our crane services team planned to utilize Omega Morgan’s 500 ton Liebherr all-terrain crane. However, the position of bridge abutments and nearby power lines presented a challenge, as the crane’s reach required closer access to the bridge. With only one month to plan the installation, our team worked tirelessly to develop a solution that would provide the crane with adequate access to the bridge while avoiding the impeding electrical lines.


Fitting into the tight construction schedule, Omega Morgan’s crane services crew–consisting of a crane operator, rigger, superintendent, and four truck drivers–completed the installation of the four concrete beams over three days at the end of July 2021. Our client was pleased with the safe and efficient installation and our ability to overcome the challenges presented.

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