When public transportation needs repair, the job is not always easy. Typically, these construction projects are part of a larger infrastructure that needs to stay intact. That was the case with a recent project in which Atkinson Construction contacted our Seattle office for help removing an aging bridge. Our crane services team was up to the task.

The biggest challenge: because of the rails underneath the bridge, which needed to be protected if at all possible, the nearly 600,000 pound bridge had to be removed in a single piece. It was a job that required some planning, perfect for an experienced crew and our LR 1600 crane.

It also required some customization. Omega Morgan built the rigging with custom softeners and slights that were perfect to hold the weight and balance the entire bridge. That meant lifting the bridge with the LR 1600’s 1.25 million pound counterweight seemed like little more than a formality.

Estimating the weight was another component of the plan to make sure we got the rigging just right. Estimating, of course, was not enough. Prior to the lift, we jacked up the bridge to make sure we knew the exact weight and center of gravity. That left nothing to chance as our crew prepared to stem the weight and finish the job.

The bridge removal process was a perfect example of our expertise. Our Seattle office worked directly with the client to make sure that we knew all variables ahead of time, and came prepared. Smooth cooperation allowed for crucial help in replacing aging public transport infrastructure.

The result was a smooth lift without any complication, a satisfied customer, and a staged site perfect to begin construction. We’re proud to have done our part in helping Tacoma public transportation efforts continue to run smoothly and offer a safe travel to all involved.

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