Omega Morgan crane working downtown at night

In a recent article about ground stabilization for crane setup, American Cranes & Transport Magazine interviewed one of our very own experts, project engineer Kai Farrar. Kai spoke about Omega Morgan’s use of wooden round crane mats for smaller cranes and steel mats that are used with our All-Terrain cranes. From choosing the right cranes for the job to executing complex heavy transport needs, a solid foundation is key to every successful crane services project. Everyone at Omega Morgan uses their combined expertise to ensure that a customer’s project is done safely and professionally right from the start. This recent article by AC&T highlights our commitment to be a trusted and reliable partner from start to finish.

While it is generally the client’s responsibility to determine soil conditions, we consult with our clients to create and maintain proper ground-bearing capacity. Omega Morgan uses the Duerr method to determine optimal wood or steel crane mat configurations so our cranes stay on solid ground. These capacities change from site to site. By collaborating with our clients starting at the planning stage, we can better ensure proper stabilization methods for each site’s individual requirements.

Without proper management of ground-bearing capacity, any number of safety issues will arise. As the article states, “The most important part of crane setup and operation is assuring proper ground stabilization.” By effectively creating a stable foundation to set our cranes on, we safely and efficiently mobilize our cranes without unnecessary delays in workflow.

We are proud to have one of our top-notch guys cited in a popular industry magazine. But more importantly, we are proud of our teams that put safety first at the start of every project by creating and maintaining stable ground to work on. Our commitment to safety, flexibility, and reliability is made possible by our teams that are #doingtheimpossibledaily.

Read the AC&T article here.