five crane workers working at the base of a crane at the 1818 Fairview building construction site in Seattle Washington

Once completed, 1818 Fairview has the potential to be one of Seattle’s most iconic buildings. In disassembling a 200 foot-high crane and placing an atrium roof, the crane services team out of Omega Morgan’s Seattle office played its part in realizing the completion of both the construction and that ambitious goal.

The two-day job, on its face, was routine for our experienced crane team. Thanks to the high profile of construction and our determination to showcase our credibility and expertise, we had to get it just right. Extensive planning and swift execution made sure we could achieve these goals, leading to another successful project for two of our long-term partners.

Long before the job began, our crane team completed the permitting necessary to use large equipment on the tight street, move power lines, and keep civilians away and safe. With all planning complete, the job took two days in total. Our navigation expertise combined with our experience in this type of job to result in smooth operations.

Day one consisted of the disassembly of a Liebherr 550 tower crane, reaching 200 feet into the air and through the future atrium roof of the building. A Grove 550 ton mobile crane and 60 ton boom truck was all we needed to disassemble and remove the Liebherr in a single day. That was followed by placing the atrium roof and its glass panels on the second day, using the same equipment.

Throughout the project, we partnered with BNBuilders, the general contractors on 1818 Fairview, as well as NW Tower Crane. Both have been long-time partners of ours, calling frequently on our expertise to complete difficult jobs in tight conditions. That was once again the case here, as we completed the project on budget, on time, and exactly to our partners’ specifications. We’re proud to have played a part in the construction of 1818 Fairview.

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