A bridge being put in by Omega Morgan Sarens and Minner with a Liebherr 500-ton crane in a Port Angeles rainforest

The Omega Morgan crane services crew partnered with Minner and Company, an expert in excavation and grading in the Pacific Northwest, to execute a complicated bridge build in Port Angeles, WA.

The expertise of our Seattle-based crane services crews was put to the test, as the location for this bridge was hardly optimal. The Washington State Department of Natural Resources hired Minner and Company to help create a temporary bridge built over a severely steep ravine in order to complete an access road through a rainforest near Port Angeles. The road would allow the DNR to perform important land maintenance and forestry services in the area. However, the general consensus seemed to be that this particular job would be impossible–the area was quite remote. And since it was protected land, not many trees could be cleared to make a work area. The entire operation would be extremely tight.

Luckily, the crew at Minner and Company knew that they just needed the right team and the right equipment for this task. They contacted our crane services team, and together, we executed the job flawlessly. Using our 500-ton Leibherr crane, our crews came up with innovative methods to get the excavation machinery where it needed to be and the equipment for the temporary bridge put into place.

We’re happy to report that the Department of Natural Resources was very impressed with both Omega Morgan and Minner for their work on this complicated job–and we’re pleased to have another opportunity to fulfill our commitment for doing the impossible daily.

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