We maintain it as if we own it.
  • INDUSTRY Grain Export
  • EQUIPMENT USED 283 Barge, Tug Boat, 135’ & 150’ Manlifts, 12k Reach Forklift, Welders, Derrick Barge Crane
  • Description During the annual shutdown our team made improvements to the dock, decking, rails, and shipping spouts to improve the safety and functionality of the dock system. We fabricated and replaced many parts of the structure. Please see the PDF for more details.
  • INDUSTRY Grain Export
  • EQUIPMENT USED Cutting torches and welders, crane and barge.
  • Description Following a dive report assessment of the dock conditions it was determined that repairs were needed to raise the structural capacity of the below dock support structure. Our team removed all existing cross brace supports, steel, and hardware on all (5) tower support pilings from the dock elevation mud line. Engineered, designed, fabricated, and installed new cross bracing where previously removed. Repaired or replaced damaged flanges on (9) of the (20) support pilings. Reestablished a 4th leg on the structure by straightening and marrying the new structure designed by OM engineers.
Omega Morgan is my number one rigger in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve done many, many projects with them and they do outstanding work. They are very experienced and safety is their number one concern.
- Head of Purchasing, Nu-Ray Metals

Omega Morgan is the most reliable industrial service partner in the PNW. For small or simple projects, we quickly study and interpret a plan, then put a knowledgeable and efficient team to work.

For larger and more complex jobs, our deeply experienced professionals work with our customers to design plans that save money, reduce schedule and build safety into the execution of work.

  • Equipment Installation
  • Diagnostics and Repair of Rotating Equipment
  • Bearing and Seal Installation
  • Shaft Repair
  • Field Fabrication
  • Machining of Replacement Parts