Omega Morgan Millwright team working with Crescere Marine Engineering to replace a broken bearing on a radial stacker reclaimer

Omega Morgan’s millwright and industrial services crew was contacted by HOST Terminals to replace the broken slewing bearing on their massive radial stacker reclaimer. This would already prove to be a complex job due to the size of the machine and the necessary planning required. Add hurricane season at a Louisiana job site into the mix, and you had a project that called upon our Portland-based millwright crew’s particular blend of expertise, extreme care and hard work.

Laying out the Plans

In partnership with Crescere Marine Engineering, the team engineered and planned for rigging, lifting, ballasting and balancing a 250-foot tall, 225-foot wide, two million pound machine on a 19-foot diameter platform.

They also created contingency plans for hurricane-force winds bearing down on the project–plans that needed to be upgraded and revised as both hurricane season and the job progressed.

Stormy weather, on-schedule completion

In the end, two hurricanes ended up visiting the coast of Louisiana during that time period. But with our careful planning and world-class expertise, not even weather-related delays could prevent our crews from completing this complex job on schedule.

We’re very proud of the Portland millwright crew’s work on this project. We’re also thankful for the opportunity to work with Crescere Marine Engineering on another job well done; both teams truly made it the success that it was. And we’re happy to report that the customer was both happy and impressed with the completion of the project.

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