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Alexis Krell
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The old steel truss northbound span of the state Route 167 Puyallup River Bridge was successfully moved Saturday night to this laydown yard off Meridian Avenue. It took 12 hours to move, and transportation engineer Brian Whitehouse, shown walking in photo, said the process “went amazing. It was flawless from start to end. We finished 14 hours ahead of schedule.”

The Puyallup River bridges on state Route 167 are open again, after crews closed them for the weekend to remove an old steel truss span that was replaced in June.

The bridges were supposed to reopen early Monday, but were available to drivers Sunday when work finished early.

Crews used dollies to haul the 1925 bridge to state Department of Transportation land nearby, where they’ll store it for up to four years.

The agency hopes the bridge can be used elsewhere, such as for pedestrians. If that doesn’t work, it will be recycled.

Originally the steel truss bridge carried both directions of traffic, according to the Transportation Department. After a southbound bridge was built in 1971, the old span was designated for northbound vehicles.

The northbound bridge that replaced the old span opened to traffic June 28. It has wider sidewalks, and overwidth and overheight restrictions were removed.

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