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Company Expands Hiring, Acquiring

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July 19, 2011

PORTAND, Ore. Oregon-based Morgan Industrial’s trucks, super-size equipment, hard hats and company apparel are all sporting new logos representing the company’s recent name change to Omega Morgan. The company was known by various names during its 20 years in business, but recently consolidated several separate companies under the Omega Morgan banner.

The name change is part of management’s plan to launch a branding and communications campaign that will let the world know about Omega Morgan’s expansion into national and international markets.

The company has doubled in size each of the past several years and sees a bright future, especially as it focuses on energy, technology and aerospace. As a result of Omega Morgan’s expansion, it is looking for mechanically minded foremen and experienced Class A licensed drivers.

In the very near future, the company plans to acquire companies that will provide additional expertise and allow it to expand its integrated services.

“We are very excited about our prospects for future growth,” said CEO Jeff Morgan. “We have great customers and employees. Part of what we see is a big opportunity for the younger generation of Omega Morgan employees to step up and help run the company.”

With headquarters west of Portland and offices near Seattle, Omega Morgan offers five core capabilities that all ultimately involve moving: specialized heavy rigging and transportation, machinery moving, crating and packaging, industrial construction and process equipment moves and architectural services.

Omega Morgan thinks big. Most of the company’s 275 employees are involved one way or another in gargantuan moving projects, like packing up and moving entire factories for Fortune 500 companies or transporting airplane parts for the world’s largest aeronautics manufacturers.

Omega Morgan’s specially built trucks may be seen hauling huge turbines and transformers for hydropower companies and substations for electrical power companies, but then again, other employees may be at a big semi-conductor plant quietly and carefully moving a multi-million dollar fabrication machine.

Omega Morgan’s highly skilled employees also have moved objects as small as a 500-pound safe up the side of a building and through a window into a luxury condo as well as a heavy piece of sculpture out of a corporate building and priceless pieces of art for wealthy homeowners.

“It’s trite to say ‘we can move it all,’ but that’s really pretty true,” said Morgan. “We enjoy analyzing moves that seem to be impossible and then accomplishing them in a timely fashion and within the budget we agreed to.”

With a number of customer testimonials backing up the company’s claims, Omega Morgan has won contracts throughout the U.S. and in 25 additional countries. It also has opened an operation in Canada where, together with Arizona, it sees ongoing opportunities.


Manufacturing—freight forwarding from port-to-port and local to international, aerospace millwright (machinery mechanical services) and moving/relocating such objects as solar panels.

Shipping—Constructing custom crates to ship objects ranging from art to motorcycles and less glamorous items like thousands of identical production skids for manufacturers.

Rail and energy—Transporting products from rail to factories and wind farms for example. Also, removing turbines for rebuilding or repairing and returning them to their original sites.

Marine—Transporting an object too big for a standard-size truck or railcar from land to sea.

Technology—Installation of washing and etching processors, “air bearing” moves that entail delicate equipment. Specially trained Omega Morgan employees also move equipment into technology companies’ clean rooms.

Health care—Moving large pieces of hospital equipment, like MRIs and CT scan machines for health care organizations.

Controlled environments—Moving chillers and boilers when environments require constant temperatures.

Omega Morgan is a Northwest-based machinery moving and industrial contractor. During 20 years in business, the company has become one of the largest of its kind on the West Coast. Omega Morgan’s core capabilities include specialized heavy rigging and transportation, machinery moving, crating and packaging, industrial construction, process equipment moves and architectural services.

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Omega Morgan is a 23-year-old specialized transportation company with offices in Portland, Seattle, Phoenix, Calgary and Edmonton. It provides innovative solutions for the complex moving, rigging and transportation challenges faced by manufacturers, power generation companies, general contractors and logistics providers. For more information call Omega Morgan 1-800-442-8141 or visit