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Heather Helgen, Construction Manager, McKinstry, Seattle, Wash.

“We had a remote site in Eastern Washington with a very challenging off-road hauling need as well as installation of the Wind Turbines once they were hauled to the turbine site. Our company had worked with Omega Morgan a few times, but personally I had never worked with them. We brought them in late in the planning stage and they came to the site with the right people (including engineers) to figure out a solution which they turned around in a few short weeks. They were very professional, responsive and the project was a success. We had the Omega Morgan team onsite for 3 months – for both rigging and hauling components off-road and installation of the towers (in partnership with another company). The team was great to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to use Omega Morgan on my next project.”

Matt Loll, Project Director, UTC Overseas, Houston, Tex.

“Omega Morgan is my number one rigger in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve done many, many projects with them and they do outstanding work. They are very experienced and safety is their number one concern.

“Our latest project was located in a remote area of eastern Washington and the main cargo components were three 466,000‑pound, single‑phase transformers. It was a very involved and challenging project that took three months to complete successfully.

“This rather complicated project required a good deal of pre‑planning and engineering, coupled with the right expertise and know‑how. It resulted in a very successful completion of the job, on time and within budget.”

Bill Hough, Project Director, HLI Rail & Rigging, Philadelphia, Pa.

“The Morgan guys are excellent to work with and we engage them for around six to eight projects a year. They are proactive on the job site and are great problem solvers. But I think their biggest asset has been their willingness to upgrade their equipment. This allows them to deliver projects in a real, timely fashion. I think they do that better than anybody else in the industry. Oh yeah, did I say they’re always on budget? I shouldn’t leave that out.”

Robert Banker, Head of Purchasing, Nu-Ray Metals, Tacoma, Wash.

“Omega Morgan is one of the best companies I work with. These guys are top-notch. Others have tried to get my business but I would never switch. If I order something at one in the afternoon, they’ll have it here before closing. Now that’s responsive! They’re absolutely great.”

Dave Miller, Senior Project Engineer/Compactors, SSI Shredding Systems, Portland, Ore.

“We’ve worked with Omega Morgan on waste transfer station compactors since 1998. They do an outstanding job, especially as far as the safety aspect. They have a healthy respect for those 200,000‑pound machines. The last install was in British Columbia and we were very pleased with their performance. We respect them so much that we’ve had them install machines here at our plant too.”

Mark Jones, Logistics Manager, Chemithon Corporation, Seattle, Wash.

“I’ve always liked working with Omega Morgan. We work on lots of projects together and right now we’ve got machinery going to Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. They’ve saved me many, many times on shipping dates. I feel like they’ve always been there for me. I consider Omega Morgan to be second to none in the crating business.”