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Power Generation and Distribution


Power distribution 210 ton transformer move

Omega Morgan is the specialized heavy rigging and transportation partner of choice for some of the largest power generation and distribution companies and utilities on the West Coast. We consistently deliver highly evolved customer experiences that have grown our company through client retention, referrals and our reputation for quality service.

We meet the stringent criteria to participate in PICS, a 3rd party prequalification program used by BP and many other global companies. Omega Morgan is consistently the first to call when the unexpected happens because of our quick reaction time and mobilization. Our holistic approach to projects and our understanding of the entire process—from the manufacturing plant to final placement at site—is critical when working with components of this scale. Omega Morgan provides a depth of experience with utilities and their associated facilities.

fitting a turbine runner through an entry that is barely large enough

Threading the needle at Rainbow Dam
while moving a 200,000 lb turbine runner.

Our hands and eyes are on every project with site visits, route surveys, engineered transportation and rigging plans, before we touch a component involved in the process. We implement a tailored plan, then constantly communicate with our customers throughout the life of the project. Our specialized equipment, coupled with the experience and knowledge of our team, has provided a level of sophistication that our customers have come to expect and value.

In addition to all types of transformers we have experience with all varieties of power generation and distribution equipment: turbines, turbine runners, turbine shafts, reactors, switchgear, rotors, stators, gas generators, oil circuit breakers, control buildings and transformer bushings.

Trucking controls for a power generating project

  • Rail Transportation
  • Barge Transportation
  • Tie Down/Securement to Rail
  • Route/Site Surveys
  • Feasibility Studies
  • On-Road Transportation
  • Off-Road Transportation
  • Setting Transformers on Pad
  • Engineered Transportation Plans
  • Engineered Rigging Plans
  • Untanking of Transformers
  • Moving Conservator Tanks
  • Dressing Transformers
  • Stacking Turbines
  • Re-stacking Stators
  • Removing and Reinstalling Stators

“The Morgan guys are excellent to work with and we engage them for around six to eight projects a year. They are proactive on the job site and are great problem solvers. But I think their biggest asset has been their willingness to upgrade their equipment. This allows them to deliver projects in a real, timely fashion. I think they do that better than anybody else in the industry. Oh yeah, did I say they’re always on budget? I shouldn’t leave that out.”

Project Director
HLI Rail and Rigging
Philadelphia, PA