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Omega Morgan started in the machinery moving and industrial contracting business in 1991,



This growth was no accident. Omega Morgan’s partners created a strategic plan that focused on the energy, technology and aerospace industries, all prominent in the Pacific Northwest. The company soon found that there were similar opportunities across the United States, in some areas of Canada, and even internationally.

Partners Jeff Morgan, Tom Walker and Troy Tallent see tremendous growth for the future as well by helping companies move into new areas or depart for others. So when a technology company opens a new building, all of the multimillion dollar equipment must be carefully moved in – no sudden jolts allowed. On the opposite side, one aerospace company moved much of its business out – to China. Now it has decided to return to the Northwest so Omega Morgan benefits with both the coming and the going of companies and their products.

The boom in energy, both traditional and green, has been very good for Omega Morgan and creates demand for the services it supplies. Such components as electrical transformers have a life span of just a few decades and when they “die,” it’s like hauling away the largest, heaviest dinosaur that ever walked the Earth. To replace the old transformer, a new one has to be shipped in, with the electric utility securing Omega Morgan’s services in both directions.

The partners said the company’s services might not be bulletproof when it comes to the winds of economic change, but as far down the road as they can see, Omega Morgan stands to grow and withstand many of the cyclical ups and downs that can be a big challenge.

The partners credit the 250 employees (200 in Portland and 50 in Seattle) with making Omega Morgan the success it has become in such a short time. “The people at Omega Morgan are smart. They like to figure things out and the tougher the problem, the better,” said Jeff Morgan. “We are proud of that attitude and the success that it brings our company.”